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Pricing & Service Agreement
Price & Support Fee:
  Please send us email (click here) and we will send you our price list.
Payment Term:
  Payments are made in advance for non-recurring service and pre-paid for recurring service. Our billing cycle is from first of each month to the end of the month. We prorate any service that starts at the middle of the month. Your first payment (monthly or any kind of payment) is the acceptance of our service agreement.
You will receive invoice at the begining (first week) of each month by email.
Refund Policy:
  In general, we do not refund any paid invoice. You are responsible to give us one month written notice before cancellation as stated below under service & subscription agreement. For example if you plan to cancel your subscription by October we must receive your notice before September 1st.
Service Package:
  A) EMR Usage & Condition of service
    OSCAR is an open source and is available to you at no cost. Oscar is released under the General Public License version 2 (GPLv2). Enterprise EMR Solutions takes no responsibilities for the development of OSCAR and the system is supplied to you AS IS. For more information about OSCAR License visit
  B) Support Details
    1. Server Support
      - monthly server hard-drive free space check
- Operating System and Oscar application updates
- Database Tuning
- monthly memory utilization check
- monitor of daily and monthly backup
- Oscar Upgrade (when available)
- 24/7 system monitor via email and cellphone text messages
    2. User Support
      - Phone (emergency situation only)
- Unlimited Email Support
- System Overall Usage (e-forms, flow sheet, labs, document, etc) support
- Billing Usage
- Oscar Disaster Recovery
  C) Additional Billable Service
    Enterprise EMR solutions Inc will, under the service agreement provide user and technical assistance/support for the OSCAR EMR software for the installed version. Non contracted items include, but are not limited to, operator errors, operator responsibility tasks, interconnected systems hardware or non-OSCAR software defects, abuse, misapplication, customer or shipping damage, negligence, utility malfunctions, natural or civil disaster, etc.; including service outside normal working hours. We will notify the client prior to doing any work outside the service agreement for which time is billable.
    1. E-Forms
      Creation of new e-forms that are not on download site and not on BC specific e-form site
    2. Oscar System Customization
      Any clinic specific OSCAR modifications
    3. IT Basic (online) Service (for hardware supplied by eoscar only)
      We take care of your PC hardware maintenance/setup, router configuration, Operating System Updates, security hardened, internet trouble-shooting and internet connectivity
    a) $60/month per location; $60 initial setup (Note that you can cancel this service at any time)
    b) $125/hour per incident; 1 hour minimum; $250 initial setup per location
    4. Miscellaneous items
      - Maintenance or upgrade of equipment (PCs, monitors, printers, modems, network, routers, etc).
- Additional training for new OSCAR functionality.
- Additional on-site training for OSCAR beyond initial setup training.
- Additional requests for OSCAR reports, features, customizations beyond those included in initial installed version.
- Installation, training, setup and troubleshooting of non-OSCAR software.
Billing rates for additional services will depend on the type of service and will be quoted in advance of service. Our average hourly rate is $75.
  D) Support Priority
    Services are provided on first occur first serve basis. We also consider the urgency of the request in order to prioritize
  E) Liability
    Enterprise EMR Solutions Inc. shall not be liable for delay, failure to perform, or loss of data with respect to this agreement due to causes beyond its reasonable control, acts of God, epidemics, war, riots, and delays in transportation or inability for causes beyond its control to obtain necessary labors, materials, or manufacturing facilities.
Service / Subscription Cancellation:
  You are not Locked-In. Therefore you are free to leave at any time but give us one month written notice. Your first monthly payment or any kind of payment to us is the acceptance of this agreement.